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Tale of Tales fantasy book series. For more info, see Part IV: Heroes Whereabouts.

The strange companionship is divided. War is looming ever closer. Outlandish powers grow. But magicโ€ฆ magic never sleeps.

โ€œAs a child, I heard many ancient tales about him, although I cannot remember any of them now. I remember only the fear. For, you know, Baลก-ฤŒelik is the name that witches use to scare their children.โ€

The exciting fourth novel of the epic high fantasy saga grounded in enchanting folk tales and myths. If you like chilling suspense and thrilling twists, donโ€™t miss the Tale of Talesย epic fantasy series!

Ebook (available on upcoming pre-release date, buyers will be notified by email).

Will be available in three formats (ePub, PDF, MOBI).

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