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“A Strange Bunch” has arrived

The first book in the Tale of Tales series is available now in paperback and eBook. Signed copies only here at ➡ Book Two is coming in June and Book Three in October. Pre-order the entire series or buy the first book now, or start your journey with a valuable novella-size gift (30% content) from here. Description Tale of Tales is a high/epic fantasy saga based on the motifs of ancient myths, legends, and forgotten… Read More

Get a Gift or Choose Your Store

Start reading today to journey on an amazing adventure through dark forest with unsung heroes who may light your way! All books in 2023: the first is available NOW, the second and third are 50% off for pre-orders until June 6 (Book Two) and October 3 (Book Three). Includes pre-release eBooks (exclusive here)! Reward yourself with a full treat or try a novella-size bite (30% content) at: Or read on… ⬇ Tale of Tales:… Read More