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Tale of Tales fantasy book series, starter novel. For more info, see Part I: A Strange Bunch.

What would you do if the darkness came for you? Join Senka, an ill-fated child in dark ages of our past, who survives an unexplainable devastating attack only to be pursued by unnatural forces. She finds herself on a perilous quest alongside a group of mysterious strangers, brought together through chance encounters and unforeseen alliances. Chosen by the gods or beguiled into believing it by the far-seeing daughter of a witch, they unravel the secrets of a fateful prophecy and battle the deadly shadows rising from the depths of time.

Experience the thrill of swords and sorcery, witness mythical creatures come to life, and wander with unsung heroes in this unique story that will keep you turning the pages. If you like chilling suspense and thrilling twists, donโ€™t miss the enthralling Tale of Tales epic fantasy series!

โ€œOdd in an endearing way, both very familiar and completely different.โ€โ€”Claire Buss, winner of the Raven Award for Favorite Fantasy/SciFi novel.

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