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Editorial Reviews:

โ€œI really enjoyed this fast paced and entertaining book.โ€ โ€•Booksprout Review

โ€œThis was one of the most enjoyable fairytales I have read in a long time. I truly enjoyed it… I cannot wait for the next book in this adventure.โ€ โ€•NetGalley Review

โ€œI enjoyed how Nikola Stefan incorporated folklore into the story and it made it very gripping, especially when mixed with the combat and the borderline horror elements thrown in. I now can’t wait to pick up Part II…โ€ โ€•BookSirens Review

โ€œA really good book.โ€ โ€•Goodreads Early Review

โ€œI really enjoyed this story! It is written in a folklore style, reminding me of the Grimm fairy tales, including the character sketches of old (at the start of every chapter and they are amazing!)โ€ฆ A refreshing break from todayโ€™s fantasy, an old take on a new story.โ€ โ€•NetGalley Review

โ€œTOTALLY gonna read the next two in this series (โ€˜The Witch-borne Questsโ€™ and โ€˜Familiars and Foesโ€™) once theyโ€™re released!โ€ โ€•Goodreads Early Review

โ€œAs close to tales of old and a narrative poem as one could get, and in a great way. Highly recommend you expand your reading world by picking this one up.โ€ โ€•Booksprout Review

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