Tale of Tales – Part II – The Witch-borne Quests

Cover for Tale of Tales part II: The Witch-borne Quests
Part of the Tale of Tales series:
ISBN: 978-86-6138-002-0
ISBN: 978-86-6138-008-2

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Off to the quests! After accepting that they were not gathered by chance, the adventuring party continues its unforeseen adventure by fulfilling what the mysterious young witch wants of them.

A tale of folk fairytales and myths, of swords and sorcery and mythical beings – a unique story of dark times and unsung heroes who may light your way.

Book Two, The Witch-borne Quests, is the second part of Nikola Stefan’s epic adventure Tale of Tales series. The book series features leading characters of various ages and, although written with adult and young adult audiences in mind, it is, in the tradition of the greatest fantasy epics, suitable for all ages.

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Being brave is not about being without fear, but mastering that fear. And in the company of heroes, even the most modest of souls may become one.

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